My Marketing Technique Is Exactly The Same A Decade Later! But...

"Sales From My "How-To" Manuals Are Almost $1 Million A Year*... All Because Of This $100,000 eBook's Timeless Techniques That You Can Still Use Successfully Today!"

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FROM: Ken Silver
DATE: Wednesday 10.30am

Take a look at this primitive 13 year-old ebook cover. This is my successful best-selling ebook that teaches you how to write and sell information manuals.

It's not that fancy. I wrote it over 10 years ago on my kitchen table... but it's the very same manual that helped me speed my climb to a small fortune today.

Sales from this and my other info-manuals are now closing on an amazing million dollars a year... just from selling information.

And I still use the same principles today - virtually unchanged.

I Get An Astonishing 60% Response Rate!

My manual is the 'how-to' of the information publishing business. That's why I was dubbed the "How-To Guru" back in the mid-90's. This manual is like me sitting down with you and explaining in detail everything you need to do:

  • You’ll discover the secrets that I used daily to get an incredible 60% response rate from my sales letters - when a textbook response is meant to be a tiny 7%!

  • I'll show you the exact sales copy I used. Each one has powerful attraction methods that hooks prospects in to buying. (I even enclosed a tea bag in one mailing and saw my sales figures jump like frogs in a hot pan! - Page 73)

  • You'll discover exactly how the home publishing business works. The 'Why, What, Where & How' step-by-step way you don’t seem to get in other plodding, pedantic books.

  • If 'home publishing' seems a little hokey to you, let me tell you it works like crazy. Consumers today are suspicious of anything that looks too good... that has too much money thrown at it. They want real secrets to help them, and a home published info manual is perfect for that - flaws and all.
And the best part of direct response publishing - you're never a cent out of pocket ... no matter how many orders arrive. That wad of envelopes in your letterbox means money in ADVANCE.

Not everyone gets that important point.

Because you always get paid in advance, you can NEVER lose. You NEVER have debt.

OK Ken... What Exactly Is In A Home-Made Manual?

Information! Everyone needs specialized information of some kind. And information never runs dry.

Even if the subject has been written about before, you can make it different as you build your own experience into your manual.

The list can be as long as your arm... and on ANY subject in the world!

  • How to breed exotic fish
  • How to train your dog not to bark
  • How to lose weight in 1 week
  • How to clean a house for sale
  • How to drive in a foreign country
  • How to fly fish in a stream
  • How to achieve a 400-yard golf swing
  • How to eradicate spyware from your computer
  • How to write a book in 30 days
  • How to get out of debt and keep your credit
  • How to win the lottery

And (pictured above)... How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time With "How-To" Manuals!

Notice The Key Magic Words Here?

Everyone can write a "How-To" book. You fill your pages with the specialized knowledge already stored inside your brain. Your life experience is worth a lot to someone else who needs it.

Don't worry if you haven't got any ideas right now. That's normal. My manual will show you exactly what to do, and what kind of information sells.

You write and package your gems of wisdom into plain, photocopied, spiral-bound manuals, made from your computer. No fancy cover, no money spent on extras.

One of my students who wrote about ways to profit by refilling toner cartridges didn't have any title wording on his cover (pictured here).

It was totally blank.

And it didn't make any difference at all to his sales.

People who desire usable information don’t want a glossy coffee table edition. They just want valuable information.

So it can be as rough and ready as you like.

The Writing Police Will Never Arrest You!

Think you can’t write? Don’t worry, you won't need literary skills. I tell you in my manual exactly how to free the information resources within your reach... even if you’re convinced you've no talent, or you can't figure who wants your style of information.

And the grammar snobs will never affect your sales. Because you're not writing information for the Pulitzer Prize!

You're writing to inform. It's a totally different world.

I'll tell you straight... if you can write a shopping list, then you can write and sell a successful "How-To" manual. Guaranteed.

The "How-To" Formula: - Write Once -- Reap Many!

The "How-To" information manual business works making you money day after day. Asking little in return. You need do nothing other than write your manual ONCE, then fill your daily orders to reap the rewards of your efforts forever.

  • Production can be handled completely by your local photocopy shop. This frees you to do anything else, any time.

  • There’s no competition either, even from me. You are King of your own small plot. No one can compete with you because your information is personal ... YOUR knowledge alone drives it.

  • Think of the millions of information subjects out there ... From fly fishing to flying, tax information to taxidermy, gold mining to gaming. All valuable information you may know about intimately, and can take advantage of without fear of duplication or competition.

I'll Show You How To Convert That Information Into Multiple Streams Of Profitable Dollars.

And the best part is that it has worked for over 18 years for me. You will learn exactly how to replicate my success.

You may not reach $100,000 a year--or you may exceed it!--but I show you the way I achieved it.

How Did I Luck On To This Goldmine Of Opportunity?

Let me tell you a bit about myself... how I started in the home-made information manual success. And why I now make more in a month doing almost nothing than in 2 years of teeth-grinding 16-hour days of slave work back in the bad old days.

Enough to afford a fleet of luxury cars - including my Mercedes SL500 AMG pictured here, and what some call a hilltop mansion in the best suburb. (This is not to boast...just to tell you what's possible).

But I Didn't Start Out This Way - Let Me Fill You In...

A while back I owned two community newspapers for about 12 years. One paper I started myself (and never again - it’s a soul destroying grind!) The other I bought a few years later. Both were profitable, but living examples of how not to do business. You know that already from what I’ve said... non-paying debtors, endless work, deadlines, worry.

While I burnt the midnight oil each week with my 12 staff, I believed and hoped that out there, somewhere, the ‘perfect’ stress-free business waited for me.

Later, I decided to sell the papers. Blessed relief. Of course I still needed to make some money... but for a while I had the time to research some ideas.

The Winning Project That Amazed Me...

So on a whim I decided to try out a project ... an exercise I had worked on for a couple of years and which was now ready for the public. It was now the early 90's. I wrote solidly for a week and finished a home-made manual on winning the lottery. (This is the same information that you'll get free with your copy of "How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time Creating Profitable How-To Manuals")

Then I placed an advertisement in the Sunday News, one of our national weekly newspapers. The small single column advertisement cost me just $43.

That's the actual ad pictured here - and yes, the same Post Box Number I have today!

Nothing happened for four days, and I was ready to write the venture off as an experiment in futility.

Then The Mail Tiger Roared...

On my next visit to my post office mailbox - behind that small red door I still use today... Private Box 22-183 - I discovered a large bundle of envelopes. I started to get excited then, because my ad had asked for payment with order.

So I knew each one of those envelopes contained real-world money. They did.

It got better as the week went on. More orders and money turned up each time I visited my postal box.

A week after my first small bunch of orders arrived, a larger number - 63 in total - crammed my mailbox. Each contained cash or checks. As the mail in my box grew daily, I started to collect each day instead of twice a week.

In less than three weeks, I received:

- 187 orders
- 93 additional inquiries

A winner was born -- I was on my way to $100,000.* And after a few years of incredible success, I decided to write about my experience and tell others how I did it.

That's what you'll be getting. No puffery or theory... just stuff that worked best.

Here's A Small Fraction Of The Secrets You'll Discover In The 200 Pages Of My Manual...

You can see the full index when you take a Sneak Peek at the first 12 pages of my manual at the bottom of this page. Here's a small sample:

  • How To Find a Winning Subject - Page 26
  • How To Write a Money-Making Manual Without Being A Writer - Page 31
  • Overcoming Writer's Block - Page 37
  • How Much Time and Money Should You Spend On Your Writing? - Page 41
  • 5 Secrets to Make Your Material Appear Home-Made - Page 46
  • How To Write Ads That Really Pull In Orders - Page 55
  • How To Use The Phone In Your Ads To Increase Response - Page 67
    (HINT: I rarely see the phone method used - but it's a killer system!)
  • The Follow Up - Lost Profits Forgotten by Thousands - Page 91
  • Order Systems - How They Will Save Your Skin - Page 100
  • How To Pyramid Your Publishing Profits - Step By Step - Page 110
  • Build Business With A Catalog - Page 111
  • Choosing The Right Business Name - Page 125

And much, much more - many of my time-tested secrets, packed up ready to start using in a few minutes after you order.

These 200 Pages Of Fact-Packed Secrets Are Essential Reading!

In your 200-page "How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time Creating Profitable How-To Manuals" manual, you'll discover:

  • The full method for writing, making and selling your own home-made information manuals. Painstakingly described together with some little-known secrets I haven't seen done elsewhere.

  • Sales letter secrets... the successful letters and follow-ups I used to power my offline empire. Even the Tea Bag letter!

  • How to attract bountiful prospects (called 'traffic' in the online world), and turn them into buyers. This is the most important part of any business. I show you how I did it with tiny classifieds that pulled more orders than any other form of advertising. But they have to be "SPECIAL." So I show you SPECIAL!

  • Secrets, tips and untold information I haven't revealed anywhere else. Here's two that worked extremely well:

    #1 - After a couple of years selling my manual, I had the idea to have each manual shrink-wrapped. My reasoning went like this - by opening the manual 'ceremonially' buyers would feel they were getting specialized and valuable information. It would add value. And I was right. Refunds immediately dropped from low to mind-bogglingly low - partly because of the presentation, but also because I suspect buyers were reluctant to return 'damaged' goods. All with a simple wrap operation that cost just a few cents!

    #2 - A publishing friend added real value to his postal address by giving his house the same name as his street. It made clients more confident about buying from him. Would you feel happier mailing to 'Sanderson House, 123 Sanderson Drive'...than an anonymous mail box number? Yes, they did too. On top of that, he made an extra $10,000 on the sale of the house later - extra money he attributed to a simple secret... giving his house a name.
  • You get my #1 selling Lotto System. It's getting hundreds of happy winners still today, but they pay up to $57 for it. It's yours included free.

And much, much more:

  • Mailing secrets that blast their way into your prospect's mind.
  • How many parts to your sales pack? What colors? These and other essential mailing questions are answered.
  • Sales Copy writing that makes your reader sit up with a jump - because you just hit their buying nerve.
  • What to include in your Sales Pack that hypnotically pushes the signing pen right into your buyer's hands.
  • How to craft a potent Order Form that leaps out of the paperwork to bite your prospect's wallet.
  • The crucial Power Words that you need to tip your prospects over the edge to become rabid buyers.

Have You Got The Idea Now? The Simple 1-2-3-Steps To Profit...
1. Write a "How-To" manual.
2. Advertise it offline.
3. Sell it by direct mail, or funnel prospects to your website to buy.

Easy! Everything's here for you...

Along With Your Manual You Get This SUPER BONUS:

You'll get the full Lotto System, the one I described earlier, inside your manual. Back then I called it the Lotto Link System. Here's a picture of it.

It's exactly the same system that I recently renamed the Silver Lotto System. Works all round the world, and today (2009) sells for $97.

But it's yours entirely free, starting on Page 162.

Is my lotto ebook a prime example of a "How-To" manual? You bet! It's the top-selling product of its category from over 10,000 other ClickBank merchants... has been for years. It's the best example of how information published from your kitchen table can succeed wildly.

"All The Information And Motivation I Needed..."

"Ken's ebook was the first ebook I bought on line, in 1998. It gave me all the information and the motivation I needed to write and publish my own "How-to" manual, "How to Write a Winning Training Proposal". Since then I have written several other ebooks, all of which are consistently good sellers. If you need to know how to do it learn from someone who has been very successful ... buy a copy of Ken's ebook."

Robin Henry
Desert Wave Enterprises


Your 60 Day 100% Guarantee Of Satisfaction

Plain and simple: - if you don't get value from this manual, tell me within 60 days and I'll get your purchase price returned.

And you get to keep the manual. Could I be any fairer?

Once more - if you don't get value, then you get 100% of your money returned, promptly, no questions asked. (But I think it's extremely unlikely you'll do that... remember, I've had only 2 returns in 5 years. EVERYONE gets value from it).

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PS. Much of the information in "How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time Creating Profitable How-To Manuals" can be used online. You only need to make basic changes to use my manual to sell your own ebooks. The principles are exactly the same as in the offline world.

*DISCLAIMER: The title and contents of my manual - "How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time Creating Your Own How-To Manuals At Home" applies to my own specific circumstances and does not intend to guarantee that anyone can earn the same amount. But of course, you never know...

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